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Cooking village organic food by children and enjoying food with their mother ll Rural life

Cooking village organic food by children and enjoying food with their mother ll Rural l Nepal is one the country of Asia where people live yet primitive life style.

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  1. NepaliVillage thank you for showing this video. Although I can only understand reading those English comments but it’s surprisingly there’s so many people doesn’t understand the primitive era. Maybe this people who wrote comments was born in millennial generations. They cannot relates to this kind of life or understand the lifestyle in a 3rd world countries. Continue doing your job maybe someday these people will open their eyes, that life’s in the other side of the world maybe different from theirs but it is organic & earth friendly than most us where we are living at now today.

  2. I remembered growing up poor in the third world countries. I learned responsibility at the early age as the girl in the video, we are poor but never hungry. I became a mother to my 3 month old sister at age ten, as my mother was pregnant again with another child. I swear to God I won’t have children & repeat the life of my parents. My poor life is my motivations to study hard & leave the country. Watching this video brought me tears in my eyes. I’m living my life now in 🇺🇸 retired in the county gov’t at age 59.

  3. Как плохо этим детям ани для этого родились дай Аллах этим детям здоровья счастья успехов а родителям мозг чуть чуть прежде чем заниматься чтобы думать как дети будут жить дальше

  4. That is so sad 😞 I want to 😢 really , how can u go there and recording them ??u have to give them some money 💰 or food 🥘, meat 🍖, clean 🧼 cloths and nice bed 🛌, they are so poorly 🤒, they are don’t have nothing !! The oldest one cocking for all family ?? The mother what she doing ?? I hope 🤞 working on lend ?? 😮 is so sad 😞 ((

  5. Cuándo veo esté vídeo me hace recordar a mi pueblo qué quiero mucho y estoy orgullosa de serlo nosotros somos gentes educados ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓😘😘😘😘

  6. Men bu millete baxanda üreyim aqriyir hemide meni vahime bürüyür deyirem ilahi biz nə qədər nainkor insanlariq bu gözəlikde heyatda yaşayiriq yenede neylerinse əysik olduqnu dilmize gətirib usyan eleyirik indi deyirem bağişla bizi Allahim .hər halimize min şükür olsun cox saq ol Ey gözel Allahim bizi de o günlerde yaşatmadiğin ücün .minnetdaram size 😢😢😢😢😢

  7. O que essa garotinha tanto lava? Ela esfrega esses grãos repetidamente. O que eles querem, os grãos bem limpos ou a água? Alguém me explica por favor?🙏

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