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Cooking A Mexican Breakfast, Easy & Afordable

HI GUYS, welcome back to my channel. Hope you enjoyed. Please make sure to subscribe, like and Turn on your post Notifications, comment for a shoutout on …

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  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoy, I think the neighbors hate me now lol.
    What should I make next ?
    Please comment, like and subscribe.❤️We Love you guys thank you for all the love & support???????? Snapchat (GirlyLovesFood) have a great day!

  2. At the tortilla, “Looks like a nipple”! Hahahaha looks so bomb, Maria! I agree a nice pickled jalapeños OMG would be the cherry on top!

  3. Omg girl that looks sooooo bomb! My family loves chorizo con papa too there’s no way you can just have a little bit! I make mine a little different tho I usually make the chorizo without egg and cook eggs sunny side up on the side! Sooo bomb!

  4. Hey girl great cooking with me video for your next video can you make a homemade lasagna or chicken parmesan with spaghett hope you all are doing well Love ya family ????????????????????????????????

  5. Food looks bomb ima start doing my papas like that ???? I thought I was pregnant too cus I was eating to much and craving a lot of things and my period didnt came in for a couple of days and I bought the pregnancy test n wen i got home and was going to take the test my period started and I was like wow ???????? I had the worst cramps later on too ????

  6. the fit, the hair, the makeup, the food..EVERYTHING on point girl! love your videos keep em coming! i love making chorizo con papas you just made me crave some ????

  7. Awesome cooking vlog/ video Maria thanks for posting this I would like to see you cook Flautas with refríed beans on the side like seeing your videos sending you both ???????????? and ???????????? your way have a great night sleep and God Blessed ????????????

  8. Bruh Maria got Latina hands or what? When she was touching that stainless steel pan while it was hot with no reaction I was like bitch wuht?! That's how you know she been cookin lol. That looked so bomb!!

  9. I used to live on the top floor and I swear I would just walk to the kitchen and "bang bang bang" I'm the type of person that I don't play like that! So I stomped on the damn floor like "can a bitch walk" the fuck

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