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Cleanest Keto Snack Foods at Walmart – Quick Grocery Haul

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  1. Thank you all so much for watching!! You have some stores in mind you want me to do a Grocery Haul video on? DROP THEM IN THE COMMENTS👇🏻!! I greatly appreciate every single one of you! PLEASE 👍🏻 LIKE the VIDEO at the top if you Enjoyed or found it helpful! COMMENT below for any ideas, thoughts, or more of what you’d love to see!

  2. I love the smoke Almonds. I am over 60. Hypothyroid from radiation. I quit smoking. in 2013. broader line diabetic. Still work and I have lost 42LB's. would have lost more if they would quit changing our hour at work from 12 to 8 hours. Thanks for giving me some lessons on what to eat.

  3. Be warned >>>>>>>
    Yeast extract is often added to snacks and foods. It's actually a natural source of MSG and is just as toxic and harmful.
    I find more and more companies are adding it to their foods. They know the effect it has, and they know many people wouldn't buy, if they listed it as MSG!

  4. Anything in the freezer is frozen. The only frozen edibles that I eat is ice cream, and occasionally, frozen berries. Both are non-keto for the most part.

  5. He went wayyy too far into shit that wasnt nutrition, couldnt watch past 4 minutes. Im not fuckin worries about almonds falling to the ground that might have pesticide molecules on it. Looking for other insight other than "GMO is bad".

  6. You have to do some homework on where things like nuts were grown… I saw a Oil fracking show (from viceland) that showed an inspector wandering thru an almond field mentioned the "filtered" irrigation fracking water was donated by the Oil company…you can even smell it in the field….The major nut brand everyone buys is located in the same CA town shown in the show

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