Churros recipe – easy churros recipe – homemade churros recipe – how to make churros

churros #recipes #dessert Learn how to make churros recipe at home. This churros recipe is very tasty and easy to make. In this recipe I have fried the churros …

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  1. Hey y’all just tried it out and just a warning: use ALL PURPOSE FLOUR not ALMOND FLOUR either that or put less water (maybe like 1/2 cup?). The almond flour was a little bit too fine so our churro batter didn’t work and came out liquidy.

  2. I made it and some of my churros came out burnt. Plus my piping bag tip was really small too so the churros were long and yet the inside was so little, the fact that some were burnt didn’t help either. I also has my grandma come in last minute telling me that if the churros were no longer hot the sugar and cinnamon wouldn’t stick, plus she said that I added more cinnamon than sugar to my mix when I just followed the recipe :(. I think I’ll just wait till this whole virus is over to go to Disney and just eat some churros there 😔

  3. Thanks This quarantine has me trying to make me and my little bro dinner. Now i can make this as dessert

    P.s. could i use corn oil? I dont have any other kind.

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