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Chili Beef Curry Cooking in my Village | Muslim Style Beef Curry Recipe | Spicy Beef Bhuna

Chili Beef Curry Cooking in my Village | Muslim Style Beef Curry Recipe | Spicy Beef Bhuna Crispy Potatoes Pakora Recipe | Yummy Potatoes Pakoda | How to …

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  1. I love to eat beef, cow meat is really delicious, everyday I am trying to eat cow. Dog's are very excited when they eat cow meat / Beef. In my personal opinion Every people should try to eat beef for one time even, I don't know why some people Don't like to eat cow meat or beef. Please tell me guy's why some people don't like it?

  2. खैर गोस्त ठिक बना है मगर जो समान डालते हों उसे हिन्दी और अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओं में बताया करें

  3. நெய்யில் வறுத்த மாட்டு கறியை சீதாவுக்கு ராமன் ஆசையாய் ஊட்டினான் என்பதற்கான சான்று என்னிடம் உள்ளது.

  4. well i make my own beef curry yesterday and i copy it from YouTube.. i almost cry😂😂😂 because the beef take 3 hours before it come tender i gave up everytime i add water on it when i give up my brother come and continue to cook and i got bullied from him🤣🤣 i was hungry and i want to eat in the end i just fry egg for my lunch😂😂

  5. people at least now after covid19 stop eating this and stop killing the sacred……get out of this idiotic thing be human….. U in your life time never understand the Indian dharmic samskar…. Plz

  6. Let's being the discussion of why ur supposed to eat meat.
    1. If u believe ur hindu god has created you to not eat beef/ mutton/ chicken then why do you have sharp teeth , if ur supposed to eat only vegetable then u should have only flat teeth. U can make out the different teeth structure of cow( grass eating ) & lion( meat eating). N compare it with your teeth & you might see that u have a mixture of both sharp & flat teeth so this proves you can have both vegetable & meat. If u don't believe In this logical argument then pls ask you ur god to change ur teeth to facilitate only vegetable eating teeth.

    2. Most religion believe killing an innocent animal is a bad thing.So they have asked thier peers to eat vegetable, But wait what about the life of plants , isn't killing a plant a bad thing. Or according to you plant doesn't has any life.
    So this shows you double standards towards other creature.

    Don't get blinded by your ideology & think logically

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