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Chicken Francaise Recipe over 200 Million Views

This chicken francese recipe has reached over 200 million views on Facebook and I kid you not. It’s by far my most popular recipe. Let me know what you think.

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  1. I love the video! Presentation and editing are both fantastic! Question. What substitute would you recommend for the white wine? Or is it irreplaceable?

  2. hello chef . today i tried your recipe. it is sooooo delicious. cannot wait to try your other recipe . thank you so much for making a great effort and sharing your recipes with us . wish you good luck always ❤

  3. hi this recipe looks sooo delicous. i am going to try it tomorrow. but i am a bit confused, this recipe is for 2 pcs of chicken breast so when i cook the first chicken i will use only half cup of wine and half cup of chicken stock , right chef?

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