Cheesy Vol – Au – Vent – Quick & Simple Party Appetizer Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD]

The very thought of Cheesy Vol – Au – Vent is enough to tickle your taste buds and tempt your guests like never before. Our Chef Ruchi Bharani teaches you how …

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  1. If I have already prepared filling earlier. And voluvent cases these days r readily baked and available in mkt. and in winter it is cold if u have already bought from mkt. if I need to bake with filling at which temperature should be baked to make it crispy and hot. Reply me soon. Thanks rims1

  2. Dear Ruchi what else one can use in place of zucchini one doesn't have. I right now have red and green bell pepper with mushroom, green onion and bay corn. And members r four in number will this ratio ok. Thanks rims1

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