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Cheap And Healthy Meals That Even A College Student Could Make

Cooking food at home doesn’t always have to be expensive and time consuming. I mean granted, normally I think people are totally copping out when they …

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  1. I’m watching this to try and teach my 33 year old dad to cook. MANS FRIDGE IS LITERALLY LIKE EMPTY. He buys zero vegetables and his freezer is full of frozen meals. At this point I’m wondering if he’s actually like helpable or if I should just go back to my moms house and let this man stay with his frozen burritos and rockstars

  2. Noticing the Longhorn flag in the apartment it’s safe to assume that kid is in West Campus, Austin TX where the apartments are generally pretty luxury. There’s like 3 resort style high rises now and I lived in one during my time at UT. Definitely not an average college setup lol UT is full of wealth… hook em!!

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