Cauliflower Super Salad Recipe for Powerful People

I’ll call this cauliflower recipe a Cauliflower Super Salad because it’s super easy and super nutritious. This simple cauliflower salad requires few ingredients, but …

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  1. First time to see u in you tube chef Buck and because I’m on my first trimestral pregnancy, I am so crazy choosy about my food this days. I woke up craving for cauliflower (sounds crazy) so I open my YouTube on my phone to check out on some recipe of cauliflower and there you are … oh man you’re so fun in cooking and I love your tandem with your mysterious camera girl 😜😊 I’m not sure if you’re recipe catch my attention or your cuteness 🤣🤣. I told my husband you’re my crush now and don’t you worry mysterious girl I’m so crazy in love with my husband 🤣🤣🤣 keep it up Chef Buck, you’re never boring to watch. God bless !

  2. Me gustan sus recetas porqué son ricas y son productos que uno puede terner en casa y no sabe bien como prepararlos. .gracias

  3. Looks good…I’ll give it a try. I have a question for you:
    I noticed that when you use parsley you usually use curly. Parsley snobs say that flat leaf is better and has more flavor. What are your thoughts? Personally I prefer the curly… it seems to have more flavor to ME. Is it one of those things like cilantro… love it or hate it??

  4. This looks delicious. Hopefully this recipe will get my dad to like cauliflower and my boyfriend to eat more veggies (Well…at least cauliflower). Anyways, love your videos and can't wait to see what's next.

  5. I NEEDED to watch you two lovely people today! There are fires burning in Napa, Santa Rosa, and other places that are really getting me down! Love Ya!

  6. Hi chef I love this cauliflower super salad it looks wonderful and will be making this. I always love your jokes and how you have fun in the kitchen, I've been subbed to you for a long time and love every video. Thanks for sharing this

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