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Cancer-Fighting Foods

Dr. Dawn Mussallem, a breast cancer expert and cancer survivor, shares information about foods that fight and prevent cancer. Hear from other experts at the …

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  1. If you have Cancer ; A healthy diet will produce "Healthy" Cancer cells and will not cure cancer. ( Cancer cells are human cells )
    You must have a very specific diet to fight cancer.

  2. All thanks to Dr Umoru who cured my mom from cancer with his effective herbal medicine. I did not believe untill we gave it a try and today my mom is totally free.

  3. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer 2 days after my birthday it turns out she had it for a couple years now and she had no clue because she always put my health before hers, the cancer got really large and there are now three spots of it it’s blocking the tube to her kidney so she can’t pee correctly, and she’s only 39, I’m only 12 I don’t know what I’d do without her. I can’t bare the thought of losing her, my anxiety gets worse and worse every day. We can’t do anything fun together because we’re all locked inside and there are rioters and looters everywhere. It feels like god just really hates me right now. I don’t know what I did wrong.

  4. they need to legalize marijuana everywhere so people stop drinking alcohol. It IS an epidemic. Women drink dangerous amounts of alcohol. I think everyone can enjoy marijuana, there are so many different strains and funs ways to ingest it these days and it really is harmless to eat, as long as its organic 🙂

  5. My 6 years old baby has leuckimia im putting beat through his sirange i make him believe its medicine thats the only way nd bearly giving him carrots

  6. My mother has colon cancer. Its stage 4 so its uncurable. Half a year ago we found out about it and she started chemo, they gave her 2 years. Yesterday she got the lab results and they said theres nothing they could do in that hospital. They gave her less then a year. But ive made it my job to at least get more time, ofcourse I wish I could cure it but thats how I ended up on this video. Ive been doing so much research and im just wondering why not a single doctor has said cut sugars out. Weve been living pretty unhealthy but since I made it my job im gonna take her for a walk everyday, make sure she gets the right food and no junkfood or anything. I wish all of you who have this disease or know someone with this disease the best. Maybe Ill come back some time with the news she has become better but untill then please be kind to everyone, even when they dont have a disease. Check in on people and help then when they needed!

  7. I often wonder if the diet I've followed for about 15 years might alleviate cancer. It is about 92% fluid dairy products–cream; half-and-half; and whole, 2%, 1%, and nonfat milk. (All these are cow products, as opposed to vegan.) My impression is that when the nutrients from these fluid dairy products reach the body cells via the blood, they are more broken up than the nutrients from solid food, and hence clog the cells less, so the cells work better.
    In my case, the diet helps with a pesky eye problem, where when I eat solid food, my vision blurs and eyes hurt, but for the reasons in the prior paragraph, my eyes feel and work better on my 92% cream/milk diet.
    For this reason, the nutrients being more broken up from cream and milk than from solid food, I think my diet might alleviate many diseases.
    Another diet component of alleviating cancer, I'm guessing, is weight loss. I think, although not sure, that my diet might help weight loss. For one, milk and cream are delicious, but they largely fill you up with zero-calorie water, so you feel quite full and satisfied without ingesting too many calories. Also, since the crream/milk nutrients don't clog the mind as much as solid food nutrients, one can think more clearly, which is a help in controlling appetite/food consumption.
    But I'm not sure. When I was eating mostly solid food before the last 15 years, I had no orientation to weight loss. It's only in the last 15 years, while on the 92% milk/cream diet, that I've become oriented to losing weight, and I've learned lots of techniques to keeping my weight down. It's possible that the techniques would work well with mostly solid food, and I could keep my weight down as well with mostly solid food as with my diet. But I really don't want to try because I'm very happy with the 92% cream/milk diet. So I'm not sure if my diet is superior for weight loss and control.
    However, I am sure that the first benefit I mentioned, that the nutrients from cream and milk are more broken up than the solid food ones and hence the cells work better on the 92% cream/milk diet than a mostly solid food diet, is quite true and accurate.
    I know in the talk you disparaged a diet with a lot of dairy products, but my experience has been that it is superior.
    There are some more aspects to my diet, so reply if you are interested.

  8. Everyone should give this video a thumbs up to promote the use of food to help defeat cancer! The integrated approach is best! Great presentation!! Please pray for my Dad's full recovery! All the honor and glory to God. Thank you!

  9. My dad has cancer and he is in stage 4 I hope he makes it
    He is eating a little if he eats a lot he well puke it all out I hope he makes it please pray for him💞💖🥺🥺

  10. I want to say that I know a man that is Christian and his wife was diagnosed with cancer I don’t remember if it was blood or bone but the doctor said there is nothing we can do, his wife had a week to live and what he did is amazing he started to pray to god non stop he was fasting until god decided to cure his wife and Jesus did!!!!!! So if you have cancer go ahead tell Jesus to cure your cancer!!!! If you have a family member go and pray and do the fasting!!! Ask god to cure your family or you!!! God is real!

    1.Starve tumor:
    Stop consuming toxic and cancer feeding things(acidic and sugars):
    -refined sugar
    -simple carbohydrates
    -most fruits (specially sweet ones)
    -medications (highly acidic)
    -other(junk,packaged snacks,sweets,cakes,gmo,fizzy drinks etc.)
    2.Kill tumor
    -anticancer herbs
    -anticancer fruits and mainly veggies
    3.Recovery of gut balance
    -probiotics and prebiotics
    -anti-inflammatory herbs/foods.
    4.Alkalizing the body (restore PH)
    -eat only alkaline foods
    -drink alkaline water
    -walk(at least 30 min.) or exercise ( only if you are toxic free and not obese)
    -drink green (vegetable ) juices and smoothies
    4.Fix the damage (on molecular level)
    -essential minerals
    Get plenty of sunlight (at least 2 hours a day),not only for vitamin D,but it helps the circulation of blood.
    Follow strictly the circadian cycle (which improves immune system) because unbalanced circadian cycle leads to growth in tumors.Grounding (bare feet on ground) is essential for the health it stops inflammation and charges the body (we are electromagnetic beings)

  12. The only reason im alive right now after metastasised lung cancer is eating 6 spicy thai peppers daily for several weeks. Hospitals are death factory's in regard to certain diseases and the quicker you realise this the safer you will be in the long run. Once a Cancer metastasised you only have a 2 percent survival rate. My Brush with near death from cancer happened back in 2007.

  13. I just found out that my dear friend has brain and lung cancer, he went to the VA hospital for a cough to get cough syrup and found out that he has stage 4 cancer, he probably needs a second opinion but I suggested research for natural herbs and a diet change, positive energy. Idk

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