Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas – Healthy Foods Your Family Will Love!

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  1. 🙆‍♀️OH MY GOD!!!! I don't have a toaster so I took a buttered pan to toast my bread, strawberry jelly and bacon SO FREAKEN DELICIOUS!!!!! 😍…..YUM!!!
    Thank you 😋

  2. Awesome video! My recommendation to the woman who ordered the two books: order another Classic DOAD and then when your bundle arrives, gift your new copy of the Classic. Mark the pages with your favorite recipes for the recipient.

  3. Love it! We don't have a microwave (don't want one) and I'll do the fixings on Sunday so the kids make breakfast quesadillas before school. Yum yum!

  4. Awe poor Jack 😷. I hate it when children are sick 🤒 Premade or boxed food is rarely healthy. If you can’t read the labels ingredients then I doubt that they are a healthy option.

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