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Breakfast ideas for Valentines Day – 10 quick and easy recipes | PEACHY

In this video I’ m showing you my 10 favourite breakfast ideas for Valentine’s Day. From pink pancakes, cute Valentine’s sandwiches and heart shaped eggs to …

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  1. I love your channel so muchhh😍😍😍I m a new subscriber😍please make more new Valentine's Day Ideas please❤I'm a girl tho I dont have bf ( actually I dont want )😂 my Uncles bday is on Valentine's day they will work as magicc gotta share them with my aunt😍also love u

  2. You r soo beautiful and Pretty..I had shown these to my mom and she had said if u had find these even the day ago Valentine's day I would have try these…I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL AND ALSO YOU

  3. love the recipes – the colours are gorgeous & intro music(applaus). where did u get those cute watermelon earings? diggin it (along with how much u use that doll as your best acting partner). ok now i want that moomin pot. thats tots up my street. more of those wierd husky distorted voices pls lol its hils. gona cook the ham and cheese toastie ♡ thanks for the tip. ALWAYS Love your sense of humour x x x

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