Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Ideas 6 -Tomato Bath Upma – Cashew Upma – Puli Upma -Podi Rice Upma

When you need some breakfast Ideas here is the inspiration, try one of these easy breakfast Idea recipes and these Easy breakfast Recipes can still be healthy …

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  1. Like one amoung our legendary malayalam actor late Thilakan once said in Ustad hotel movie to Dulqar salmas Faizy, that There is a matter of Kismath (Love) in every food we serve it will be more tasty and divine.
    That's what I experiance in your videos. We feel your passion, and love along with your food. Vaashef..dingchik ding chik…

  2. Can you please go for the comments and instructions in Tamil since your presentation is good. Videos are omg just Faaaaantaaaastic, not joking. Like it. Don't know how people do that thumps down idea. Thanks

  3. Your videos are presented with so much love and passion even a novice like me wants to enter the kitchen and try them out 😇!! You are such an inspiration to so many!!

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