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BLONDIE RECIPE | healthy, vegan chickpea blondies

This healthy blondie recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined-sugar-free, and vegan friendly! The base of these blondies is made with chickpeas and almond …

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  1. I opted to use maple syrup as my sweetener because I was worried about overheating my magic bullet and needed a liquid sweetener, so everything could easily blend so I put the garbanzo beans and maple syrup and vanilla extract in the bullet and it mixed wonderfully without overheating then I folded everything else in. It was great when I could not find my food processor. This is a great recipe

  2. That looks good I’ve been watching your videos and would like to get a download of a grocery list that would help when going grocery shopping please let me know if you have one I’ve tried your links on the other videos but don’t work. 🙁

  3. Hi dani and everybody else in the world 🌎 of clean and delicious 😋 too awesome 👏 video as always coconut 🌴 oil in a food 🥘 processor chickpeas rich in protein and rich in lovely 😊 fibre almond butter room temperature a cup of almond butter monkfruit vanilla extract kosher salt baking powder and baking soda blend together chocolate 🍫 chips 🍟 you can add if you want to go vegan 🌱 add some chocolate 🍫 chips 🍟 vegan of course pop in the oven cool 😎 completely I'm excited 😊 to make these

  4. I have a question. Here in my countru its difficult to get a can of Chickpea, so i want to replace it by cooked chickpeas. How much does the content of the 15 oz can weight once drained?

  5. Hi, hope you're doing great. I'm from Sri Lanka. I love your vedios. I joined with you 7 or 7 1/2 years ago when your kids were small. I edited it. I'm so glad to see your using Asian things specially coconut, Finlly u inspired me to start Sri Lankan food channel. Thank you so much😀🙏

  6. OMG…just found you. Just made these. Love! I did do a couple of substitutes, as I didn't have enough nut butter, but they came out awesome! Thank you for the great work.

  7. Hi Dani, I’ve just found your channel and have now made a trip to Who,e Foods (👍🤦🏼‍♀️😉)…however, I’m Type 1 Diabetic (43 years now) so I’m looking for low carb and, more importantly, low to no sugar. I cannot have honey or real maple syrup. I’m better off dividing real sugar between 12 muffins or more. But, I’ve purchased some monkfruit and would love more diabetes friendly recipes. Many thanks! I love your channel.

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