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To be honest, the first time I ate this I was thinking, no, Chinese people do not eat sesame chicken. And now, I make it every week. Seriously, who can say no to …

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  1. We just tried this tonight and it was fabulous! We have large family so we doubled the recipe. It was a bit time consuming cooking that much chicken but it was well worth the work!

  2. I watched this video about 6 hours prior to this comment…I’ve been salivating all evening…finally came home after not eating anything all day, made this dish…my God this was DELICIOUS 🙌🏼 so crispy, tasty 😍 thanks for posting this video!!

  3. OMGawd…. I just made this… I'm still eating it…This is by far the best sesame chicken I have ever tasted in my life. I've cooked Sesame Chicken multiple times, but this sauce….. How is it so creamy?! How is the chicken so crunchy?! (I USED CORN STARCH, btw.)

    Ingredients for the sauce

    – 2 tbsp of Honey

    – 3 tbsp of brown sugar

    – 2.5 tbsp of Soy sauce [Amazon Link:

    – 3 tbsp of water

    – 2.5 tbsp of ketchup

    – 1 tbsp of vinegar

    – Sweet potato starch water to thicken the sauce (2 tsp of potato starch mixed with 2 tsp of water) (Amazon Link:

    – 1 tbsp of sesame oil [Amazon Link:

    – 1.5 tbsp of toasted sesame seeds [Amazon Link:

    – Diced scallion as a garnish

  4. Wow! I stumbled across your channel and loved the way you explained the dishes and made it look so simple and delicious I had to try it. I prepared both beef with broccoli and sesame chicken and the family loved them!!! I had to suscribe after they showered me with compliments, thank you for making me look like I rock star!!! (Don’t worry, eventually, I gave YOU the credit 🤣)

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