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Best Vegan Mozzarella Cheese Recipe • Melty, Stretchy & Gooey

FULL RECIPE: Vegan Mozzarella from my blog: ⇨ Life-Changing Mozzarella in my cookbook (page 200): …

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  1. It's curious how so many vegan cheese recipes that use nuts use cashews. I wonder why? I will start to experiment with these recipes and use walnuts instead. I don't see why not. Anybody have any experience with this?

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. Can you skip the nutritional yeast, if you have allergic to it?
    I intend to skip, could you tell me the alternative for it, or it's okay without nutritional yeast n just four ingredient?

  3. I was wondering why you hardly make videos anymore! These comments are seriously horrendous. Wow… any ways, the Recipe looks fantastic, thank you! And I appreciate your positive energy 😊

  4. Found your recipe online for vegan cashew based Caeser dressing. Had to modify it just a tiny bit due to missing ingredients (olives instead of caper and apple cider vinegar instead of nutritional yeast) wife and I thought it was awesome and loved making a double recipe to keep using. Haven't tried the mozz yet but very much looking forward to it.

  5. Followed the recipe on your blog and though I do not like it so much on a chip with the "cheese" as the main event, it was AWESOME on a pizza! This will definitely be my go to pizza cheese! Thank you!

  6. What's with the secret ingredients?!? Are you seriously expecting me to buy your book, open your blog or watch anything of yours after you fucked me up like this with your fucking secret ingredients?!? yeah sure…

  7. Just made this for some lasagna (and added a little apple cider vinegar and lemon juice from a vegan ricotta recipe) and damn is it good. Texture and taste. And if you're lazy like me you can buy cashew or almond flour instead of grinding it yourself.

  8. I’m blown away by all the positive reviews on this cheese!
    I mean, I love your cookbook and every single recipe I tried so far was a huge hit, but this one, it was absolutely awful, I had to throw out the whole thing… I followed exactly the ingredients, it came out looking just like yours, but couldn’t get pass the taste.., 😔

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