Best Kardashian Salad Talks | KUWTK | E!

No matter what the conversation, the mouth-watering salads on “KUWTK” always steal the show! Watch the juicy conversations and salivate over the yummy …

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  1. Ik that it’s good for you, but is this normal? Like do people really eat this much salad in a lifetime? I’m concerned.. But not with them, with me. 👀🤔

  2. I feel like normal people say “mom don’t worry about it you’re beautiful and we love you” not “you should’ve worked out/don’t ruin it for the rest of us” how selfish😭

  3. Crazy how they have all this success but still disrespect there mom like that…Perfect lives with not so perfect attitudes…I always loved them but not how they treat her

  4. It breaks my heart how Kris's daughters talk to her… Like imagine opening up to your daughters about an insecurity you have and then get told that you're ruining their trip.

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