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Best Disney World Savory Snacks for 2019!

I get it — you’re looking for more salty or savory snacks in Disney World! You’re at capacity for icing and ice cream and all things sweet…and it’s time to branch …

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  1. I’m getting married in September and we are taking our honeymoon at Disney World.
    I have no idea what I’m doing lol can someone give me trip planning tips?

  2. Thanks for covering the tots at friars nook. Really the Mac n cheese fries at Casey's corner are great and cheaper but uggggh I will have to try friars nook it looks soooooooo good

  3. AJ, sorry, but a food blogger should know that "paninis" don't exist–"panini" is the plural, one such sandwich is a "panino." Nice use of "ubiquitous," though.

  4. Awesome videos, I'm planning a trip with my 12 month old baby girl. I was wondering is there any healthier options? It will be great if you can make a video for people who like veggies and have a kiddo who don't eat sugar/fried food yet. Thanks and looking for new videos!!!!

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