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Beginner's Guide to Going VEGAN ????????

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  1. humans are obligate carnivores! veganism is a man made diet and a death cult! Its horrible for your health, it doesn't save animals and doesn't help the environment ! only fools can believe what government is pushing and it is pushing plant based diet! when you weak you can't resist!

  2. Being vegan in small town Iowa is a challenge I'll say that. I've tried to go vegan 3 times and the longest I've lasted was 2 weeks. Hopefully now that I'm out on my own this time it'll stick.

  3. This video was so helpful. I feel like most YouTuber vegans alienate their audiences by showcasing the most elaborate, exotic, expensive foods making veganism seem elitist and unattainable. This video was down to earth and relatable. Thank you

  4. I struggle a lot with my diet. I’m autistic and have so many sensory issues when it comes to eating. There’s only like..6 meals I eat. I wanna be vegan but it’s gonna be a really hard transition for me because eating soemthing i’ve never eaten before in general is like..emotional lol. I’m gonna take in baby steps recipe by recipe.

  5. I just asked my dad what would happen if I tried going vegan and he told me that I’d starve. :/ I guess I have to wait until I can pay for my own meals

  6. Hi Sweet Potato 🍠 Soul great video and very motivational with some amazing tips but sadly l cannot find many of the things you show in your video, l am a beginner to the vegan lifestyle but is there any chance you could see what’s vegan and available on the UK Amazon website as l buy a lot of things from amazon and recommend some useful things to buy to help my journey because l would rather buy what a veteran vegan 🌱 like yourself would recommend instead of guessing what l should buy many thanks Su 🇬🇧 Vegan 🌱

  7. I’m slowly going vegan and I’ve started with just going vegetarian, I love it! So many different foods I’ve tried already and love.. I’m on my weight gain journey and I’ve gained so much faster than when I was relying on animal protein 🌱🌱


  9. For a few months, I've tried incorporating more vegan foods into my diet. But it's hard to commit totally — not because I can't find alternatives, but because I'm afraid of missing essential nutrients. I've heard some people say that in the long term, veganism isn't healthy and you will develop nutritional deficiencies. How do you make completely sure you're getting all the nutrients you need?

  10. Thank you so much for this video, you literally touched on everything! I have been vegetarian for 2 years now (about 80% vegan) and am seriously considering making the leap to vegan (and eating healthier). You have amazing content, thank you for sharing your knowledge and perspective. This was truly helpful!

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