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Beef Stew (Copadia) – Ancient Roman Recipe

Copadia, an ancient Roman stew, from the collection of recipes attributed to Marcus Gavius Apicius. A delicious way to revive the culinary culture of ancient …

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  1. Surprisingly I did it, I replace garum with fish sauce and lovage with celery. They taste the same, moreless. This stew was thick and sweet. We ate it with bread. It was quite delicious.

  2. Have you thought of making a video specifically about making Garum? Obviously it can be easily substituted with any east-asian fish sauce (it's essentially the same thing), but I've heard that in the ancient world there were several varieties of Garum that used different fish and seasonings.

  3. Just made it, tastes pretty good! I would eat it with some puls but i used it all earlier. My question is, did the Romans have rice? I think this would be great ontop of some rice but im not sure if its traditional and i definately dont want my ancestors to frown upon me πŸ™

  4. Defritum is basically the same as "debis" in Levantine food, I think. It's made from grapes, carob, figs, or a whole slew of other fruits. The pomegranate version plays a very prominent role in Syrian cooking. My point is, you can save a lot of time cooking if you just buy the ready made version at a Middle Eastern store. It's normally labeled as "Grape molasses"

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