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Beef and Cheese Empanadas Recipe | How To Make Empanada Dough From Scratch

Today I am making homemade beef empanadas with from scratch dough. You can also use store bought empanada dough to make this an easy recipe.

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  1. Did your recipe last night. My family and I loved it! Great instructions, easy to follow along, thanks for doing this video. Definitely going to have fun experimenting w/this newly learnt skill!!

  2. I made these tonight and they came out good…but the dough was so tough to work with…any suggestions on working with the dough after it’s been cooled in the fridge?

  3. Nobody sub the empanada dough with Pillsbury crescent roll dough. The bottoms burned in the oven, the inside meat and cheese was bone dry. I couldn't find empanada dough in my town, not even at the Mexican grocery store we have in town. That's the name of the store, Mexican Grocery Store.

  4. These look delicious 🤤🤤 Definitely going to try!!! I made your enchiladas recipe and OMG THEY CAME OUT BOMB!!! my husband loves them. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  5. I'm from Cornwall uk we have our very own version of empanadas, we call them cornish pasties, now the cornish miners who came over to mexico and the states introduced them in 1820. Now this is a authentic recipe just for you. When you make these think of them as a empanadas when. You come to crimp. I do hope youd make them for a video. Hugs best wishesnpraters from truro Cornwall uk.
    500grams of shortcrust or puff pastry this will make 6
    1. 400 g good quality beef skirt(flank or chuck), cut into cubes (the size of the diced onion in this video)
    2. 300 g potato, peeled and diced around 1.5cm or 15mm
    3. 150 g swede/turnip,you can use Jícama peeled and diced 1.5cm or 15mm
    4. 150 g onion, peeled and diced same size as the beef
    5. Salt & pepper to taste (2:1 ratio)
    6. Beaten egg or milk to glaze
    1. Roll out the pastry and cut into circles approx. 20cm diameter. A side plate is an ideal size to use as a guide.
    2. Layer the vegetables and meat on top of the pastry, adding plenty of seasoning and add a knob of butter for the gravy it makes.
    3. Bring the pastry around and crimp the edges together
    4. Glaze with beaten egg or an egg and milk mixture.
    5. Bake at 165 degrees C (fan oven) for about 50 – 55 minutes until golden.

  6. I absolutely LOVE to watch you cook these Mexican dishes. I haven't made these in so long for my husband – You gave me some great inspiration to get going on them !! LOL! Thank you for sharing these recipes and tutorials with us. They look so delicious and now I'm starting :):)

  7. Yum! My grandma used to make a similar style of dipping sauce with whatever she could get her hands on and if you didn't like it, there would be a chancla (one of those cheap plastic ones she got in Chinatown specifically for "motivational" purposes) on its way to you…

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