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BBQ Tofu & Polenta – Easy Vegan Recipe! | The Wicked Kitchen

Here’s another lockdown-friendly, inexpensive, EASY vegan recipe—Pan seared tofu and onions covered in barbecue sauce and then roasted to perfection, …

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  1. I hv made all sorts of tofu even tofu hummus 😎 but never bbq style tofu ..that loooked sooo 👌👌👌
    Must try .
    Such recipes u don't hv to taste in order to tell how they taste …💚👍 Thankiu for being vegan .👍

  2. Looks great, I'll be making the polenta soon! One question, the video said approx 1/2 cup cornmeal but the typed out description says 1/4 cup? I guess I'll just switch my scale over to grams and weigh, since both places say 65 grams lol! Also oops, the cornmeal I have is 'course ground', will that work or should I try to grind it a bit finer in my blendtec? Lol! Thank you! 😁

  3. This recipe for bbq tofu, although different than the previous ones, seems to be real wicked! Lots of flavours, delicious charring on the tofu and onions and fantastic pairing with the lovely polenta! I will definitely have to try this recipe out as it is just amazingly crafted!

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