Barefoot Contessa Makes a Greek Salad | Food Network

Ina’s Greek Salad is fresh, delicious and comes together in a cinch! Subscribe to Food Network: Get the recipe: …

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  1. im glad she made greek salad correctly. it is a huge pet peeve for me when iceberg lettuce is used cuz then it's not greek salad. i suppose its just often used in greek-american salads so people know its a salad? or something?

  2. Why oh why does Ina insist on dipping her mustard soak spoon in salt and then the pepper. She always does this with any ingredient.That is really nasty. You should not contaminate food. She doesn’t care because they clean up behind her and there is always a new dish of salt, or mayonnaise, or whatever ingredient. Still it is nasty. Why can’t someone tell her about this bad habit?

  3. My grandmother was Greek, and really new how to cook. She tried to teach me a little, but I saw her rarely. She collected china. My dad would always cook Greek dishes for us every other weekend. I'd love to see you cook more Greek!

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