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BACK ON TRACK ????????????????: a week of healthy breakfast ideas!

hi! welcomeeee back . I’m getting back on track by eating nutritious & wholesome foods. as u know, I’ve been feeling sad n down lately but fueling my body with …

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  1. i’m struggling so much with restricting my eating because I want to have a more toned stomach and i’ve been insecure about my weight lately. the whole thing about your body freaking out if you don’t eat and storing fat kinda woke me up. but it’s so hard to change these habits and staying motivated is so hard.

  2. this tauht me SO much I was sosuprised to see how much bigger your meals are then mine used to be, but they are so healthy and you just taught me alot how I need the correct nutrients and not the amount of colories

  3. I like how you eat healthy but not super restrictive, this is my goal with eating, bc when I restrict diet to only eating healthy foods it NEVER works for me, I will try to have healthy options of unhealthy food like dark chocolate 🙂

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