Vegan Recipes

Amazing Vegan Cake Recipes – easy and yummy!

Welcome back to a video about cake. This video includes 4 amazing, easy to make, tasty vegan cake recipes: The best vegan chocolate cake I’ve ever made, …

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  1. i made the chocolate cake using coconut milk and it turned out so well! honestly better than a lot of the non vegan chocolate cakes i’ve had

  2. I'm sorry to be the one telling you but Oreos are not vegan 😔 they have palm oil and lots of monkey's houses are being destroyed because of the extraction of the oil (you can do your research)

  3. Hi! I love this! Just as a recommendation, press the dough into your pan (crust) and then refrigerate so you don’t have to press cold dough into the pan. I think this just makes it easier because the dough is hard to press into the pan :)) Thanks for these recipes!

  4. Gesunde Kuchen 😀 das wäre der Hit, aber sicher nicht einfach umzusetzen. Egal ob Kokosblüten, Rohrohrzucker o. ä. Zucker bleibt Zucker. Und wenn ich das Fett durch Banane, Apfelmus oder anderes ersetzte wird der Kuchen immer irgendwie "gummig". Ich bin gespannt wie du es umsetzen wirst. Aber jetzt mache ich mich erstmal an den Schokokuchen. Habe beim ansehen Hunger bekommen 😊

  5. Please a video in GERMAN 😁 I have just started learning german and i would love improving my knowledge by watching your videos in GERMAN.
    I love your videos, they help me give ideas… keep up with the good work.

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