Breakfast Ideas

A Week of Vegan Breakfasts!

I filmed what I ate for breakfast for one week! Hope you can get some inspiration from these easy, mostly healthy, quick and lazy vegan food ideas 🙂 I’ll have the …

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  1. Breakfast has been my most difficult meal since becoming vegan. I hate oatmeal , unless in a cookie of course,but love chia seed pudding. Thank you for the simple, affordable, and tasty, variations you've brought to my breakfast!

  2. so helpful. ive been vegan for a while and sometimes, things just get boring!! ive been doing smoothies for breakfast for months now and now ive been craving savory fatty foods for breakfast (oops). let me know if yall can relate haha

  3. Mina, Idk who told you the thing with not pouring boiling Water on the ginger, but its NOT true. On the Contrary in Wintertime we cut up a big peace of Ginger in smaller Peaces and cook it for 5 Minutes. Then Drink that Broth! It needs that to actually get all the Nutrients out of it into the Water. <3 Liebe Grüße

  4. crepes are literally just thinner pancakes in a french name XD funny to see all the fussy people talkin bout no recipe n shit. just add more liquid to a pancake recipe

  5. Hey! I know I’m late, but I have a little tip. Make sure to grind up the flax seeds in a food processor before eating them because that gives you all the nutrients. If you just eat the seed, it will just go right through you. 😊

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