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A popular way to cook broccoli removes important nutrients

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables. However, boiling it takes many of those essential nutrients out. There’s a simpler way to cook it and retain all the …

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  1. Broccoli into the microwave ?yeah right !Broccoli steamed only in the pressure cooker,no oxide-no oxidation (oxidation is worse enemy of vitamin C.)After steaming in pressure cooker cool it down with cold water to lock enzymes and vitamins!This is useless video

  2. I fry mine with animal fat, butter and cream in a pan. then fry it again in a deep fat fryer and batter it. cover it with loads of melted cheese and double cream .. Umm lovely healthy broccoli

  3. Ok so basically boiling water kills vitamins and lots of other nutrients huh? Then nobody should cook soup then because most soups boil for a very long time. Give me a break!

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