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9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. I recommend cutting the yolks out of these egg heavy breakfast or limiting to one yolk per 5 whites. The yolk has good fats, within moderation. Also, the cholesterol intake on some of these are just insane.

  2. i really like how they added the nutrition facts for each dish, but holy the breakfast skillet contains 107% cholesterol of your daily diet. i’m not trying to clog my arteries.

  3. I found my perfect breakfast (no made home because I don't have time, and I can't cooking, that's a true disaster????) :
    – 2 pancakes (22g each pancake) without any maple syrup or anything because I prefer food when it's natural
    – half a glass of orange juice
    – a plate of Greek yogurt with pieces of banana
    It's just delicious ! Maybe it's too much but it's the most important meal of the day, isn't it ?
    I'm just a student, I don't do sport or modeling

  4. Some people are commenting about what kind of weight loss video is this if it includes flour, egg yolks etc. From my experience guys, I’ve lost 65lbs in 4 months eating similar recipes like this and working out. (I went from 220lbs to 155lbs) Once you lose the weight you want to maintain it and not gain it back. So eating things like this is okay in moderation, losing weight isn’t boring, but when you restrict some food items you will binge and fall of track. Just lower your calorie intake and up your daily exercise. Stay consistent and you’ll def see the results in no time.

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