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9 Easy Meals Anyone Can Make | Easy Dinners For Busy Parents | Twisted

We are not all born chefs, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t capable of whipping up delicious meals. Here are 9 easy meals anyone can make, even the busiest of …

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  1. Bwahahaha you named it easy dinner but I can’t even make any of those!🤣🤣They sure aren’t easy for me! 😂why don’t I just hire you to cook for me! 🤣

  2. Ok it says for beginners so do not judge. What is double cream? I see half and half and whipping cream, do I need to look harder or does it go by another name? Wilted spinach…..you cooked it, it was frozen and it thawed or is it old?

  3. doesn't work, tried some of these, awfull. Recipes don't work like they pretend they do, f.e. egg doesn't stick to flour on a bell pepper. Dont bother trying these.

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