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7 Quick & Healthy Evening Snacks For the Week (Vegetarian)

7 Delicious Evening Snack Recipes That You Should Try. Quick, Healthy and Tasty Snacks. Indian Snack Recipes. Healthy Indian Snacks. Protein & Herbs for …

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  1. 7.multi-grain pancake
    6.makhana chana crunch
    5.banana peanut butter rice cake
    4.masala paneer chenna
    3.cheesy vegetable sandwich
    2.masala oats
    1.banana and protein shake

  2. In one video you told that curd and cucumber should not be eaten anyway together.. what about the sandwich 😅 please respond

  3. I disliked this vedio because of, 1. In multigrain pancake: Soda. 2. Banana peanut red rice cake: non availibility of red rice cake. 3: banana protein shake: Protein powder.

  4. Hello sir, your vedios are really awesome, can you pls provide us any alternative for OZIVA, It is available in USA

    Your response is really appreciated

  5. I like sweet but cannot have a lot of sweet products at once, so my best pick would be masala oats. Plus, how about sprinkling Maggie masala into it and get the best taste ever with masala oats 🙂

  6. मैने सात रेसिपी देख ली पर किसी एक की भी पूरी सामग्री मेरे पास नही है😢😢😢😢😢😢

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