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7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas | A Week of Easy LCHF Keto Breakfasts

7 Low Carb Breakfast Ideas – A Week of Easy Keto Breakfasts that are LCHF and Ketogenic Diet friendly – without eggs, vegetarian and meaty options …

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  1. Banana Pancakes:
    1 Medium/Big banana
    2 eggs

    Mash the banana in a bowl, whisp the eggs, add the eggs to the banana bowl, mix until smooth. Take one portion at a time and fry in butter until golden on both sides.
    Usually makes about 6 pancakes for me depending on the size of the spoon I use (usually one aimed for soups)
    Only takes about 10 minutes to make and bake all together

  2. Evening snacks; Brie cheese cut into small rectangles top them with Philadelphia classic cream and boneless green olives, yummy! but eat moderately!!!

  3. Im in my 4 th week in Keto and Im just perfect I enjoy 2 meals in 24 hrs n walk about 8km a day, I lost 4 kg since, Even though its ok to eat fat n protein in keto, but I think moderation of how much food per day is an aspect one should keep in mind to loose weight. Dr Eric Berg is important source of info.

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