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7 Healthy & Tasty Dinner Ideas for the Week (Vegetarian)

Quick, Healthy and Tasty Dinner Ideas after a tiring day at Office, School or College. Healthy and tasty Indian dinner recipes for the entire week. To get a custom …

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  1. Hello Friends! Indeed, it is one of the higher budgeted videos that I have put up on this channel. 😅 No wonder, the Onions cost Rs 120/Kg. So, for the time being, if you want to you can just skip the onions off these dishes and still try them. Click a picture and share it with me via Instagram stories –

    I wish you good health
    Fit Tuber

  2. One thing I dont understand is that Indians eat cow ghee, cow milk, butter milk, paneer, etc. when I have learned Milk is like the next tobacco here in America. Caisin in milk is really bad to our system. Is Ghee the same as milk or a totally different item from milk? Can someone explain the Ghee factor?

  3. I really like all ur vedios…I just wanted to ask u…as u always use pink salt…whether it contains iodine in it? And if the pink salt is added while cooking..will the iodine stay or get evaporated?

  4. That was really amazing… Real taste is in healthy indian foods…We were following western culture in search of taste and you showed it in our culture…. God bless u beta..keep up the good work…👍

  5. I'm facing regular acidity problem since last few weeks… can u suggest me some good remedies as i dont rely upon medicines much

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