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6 "Skinny" Popcorn Recipes | Healthy & Easy | Joanna Soh

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  1. i just bought 2 bags of popcorn kernels to help me avoid chips. i just had them w/ sea salt, but ill try these too!! thank you for the recipes!!

  2. I woke up feeling sad this morning and i had the urge to binge eat. I legit popped about a cup of popcorn kernels ( air popped cause if i can avoid using oil in anything i will) and i had it with nothing but salt and some random spices. It filled a large bowl and i ate it all in under 30 minutes. I kind of felt bad but i reminded myself that pop corn is so filling that that when i eat that much I'm going to feel stuffed until and I won't feel hungry for the whole day😂

  3. does it depend on what kernels you use?
    online it says 1 cup is 31cals
    but on my popcorn kernel bag is says 50g (1serving) is 170cals??

    is it organic popcorn kernels that you should use? because i can’t find any organic kernels nearby especially not in supermarkets

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