Vegan Recipes

6 High-Protein Vegetarian Dinners

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  1. All these are labor intensive and have too much ingredients, some of them hard to find. So i have respect for vegans for this, they choose the hard way to remain ethic

  2. I'm a meat eater and meat eaters shove their views down your throat wayyy more than vegetarians and vegans. I think it's a lot of meat eaters who are sensitive little bitches

  3. I think that more and more people are getting environment conscious and that's great.

    Stop buying all my green squash though seriously. People at the end of the world be like buying pasta, TP, ice cream, and MY green squash!

  4. One cup of this, one cup of that. And what to do with the many leftover ingredients? That's no way to cook. I need recipes where I can use full cans and then have the rest of the ingredients balanced with that. Fine with me if that is then for 6 or 8 persons. Some of us will eat it twice then. Since tofu just tastes like plastic, I'm not too impressed here.

  5. hey guys- i see a lot of use of tofu here, and tofu is curdled soy milk- i just wanna say be careful of eating/drinking soy products. Soy is packed with estrogen-like compounds called isoflavones. that can encourage different types of cancer, infertility, and different thyroid problems. Personally i use chickpea Tofu

  6. I consider myself a meat eater although I haven't partook in a while. Having alternatives like this rather than eating meat every day is not only sensible but for some it could extend your life warding off unnecessary and avoidable illnesses. It's funny how there's no medical data showing how eating too many vegetables can have a negative impact on your health. The same cannot be said for the latter. Something to think about.

  7. Why are every one of these vegan and vegetarian videos so similar. Like similar type of dishes? I'm a vegetarian. Have been for 18 years now. I can make alot of variety other than just tofu or moods or try to imitate a job vegetarian dish

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