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6 Healthy Low Carb Recipes For Weight Loss

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  1. WHY did you need so much for such a small amount of beef muffins? Literally six eggs. A whole tomato. I made this today and I had SO MUCH leftover and I actually managed to have 8 beef muffins instead of 6

  2. Please people, do not waste food like this person in the video. Egg yolks are the most nutritious part of the egg, you don't need to cut the peelings off of fruits and vegetables because they are also nutritious and sometimes more nutritious than the other parts of the vegetables, etc. There are millions of people starving, please stop wasting. Fat doesn't make you fat, fat is broken down slowly in the body. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are what make you fat, etc.

  3. These are great receipts but it has already been proven that fat is not bad for you, fat does not make you fat, etc. Also, the egg yolk is the most nutritious part and science has now proven that they were wrong about the egg yolk being bad for you because of cholesterol. Science is catching up, so people need to keep up also. Sugar, empty calories, simple carbohydrates, the lack of vitamins and minerals, the lack of exercise, things like that make you fat, not fat. Fat is broken down slowly in the body so it slowly releases energy, and the body has to work harder to turn fat into energy, so it does not make you fat.

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