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6 Delicious Potato Recipes • Tasty

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  1. There are 5 types of people watching these videos
    1) the one watching out of boredom
    2) the one watching because they are hungry
    3) the one who watches but never makes anything
    4) the one who actually Makes the recipes
    5) the ones who want to make but cant

  2. Most of these are fine, but the potato taco deep fried? Get outta here. There's no WAY that the filling of mashed potatoes and sour cream wouldn't just dissolve and ooze out. You'd have to add an egg and chill it and even then without sealing the burrito I can't imagine making anything but a mess.

  3. Me: I’m gonna do some cooking today! Ta da da da !
    Me while watching video: Wow! So damn easy!
    Me after watching video : So I’m off to the kitchen!
    Me after realising I don’t have any of these ingredients due to lockdown :

  4. Your reels are too FAST! Before a viewer gets to appreciate the dish or before they can see what spice was added or what chopping techniques were used you are already on the next dish! Please slow them down.

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