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5 QUICK VEGAN BREAKFASTS | @avantgardevegan by Gaz Oakley


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  1. In Brasil açai is quite substancial, poor people eat at lunch for a cheap price and lots of calories. Love all recipes, sad to say that here we dont have all this incredible ingredients, only açai and bananas (that have more calories then benefits)

  2. your vegan bacon, the stuff that u put ontop of the avocado, tastes just like burned chicken or burned hair/horn. was so much work to get it done and then it's all for nothing…. PLUS eating avocados kills the rainforest. pls, nobody eat that first breakfast.

  3. I only disliked this video, because the adds on it are CRAZY!!! TWO adds every two minutes? Gosh… other than that, you are a genius!

  4. Gaz I love all your recipes and I'm new to vegan food . have eaten meat all my life but discovering my spiritual side I wanted to eat healthier and cut meat out and this has me intrigued.. I do however have to ask as a person with low enamel and delicate teeth how do your recipes bear with dental care? I was told by my dentist not to mush up fruit as the sugars rot your teeth etc. any advice greatly appreciated. your food looks so tasty and I cant wait to embark on this journey.💚

  5. I am a somewhat recently-transitioned vegan and am starting a plant-based cooking show to teach others cooking vegan is not difficult or expensive or time-consuming. Subscribe to my channel for simple vegan recipes (promising a lot of baked goodies). Our first episode premieres this Sunday (April 12th) at 10 am! I am also promising low-budget filming and a lot of embarrassment, but it will be fun! See you there 🙂

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE❤️❤️❤️
    I usually start my day with vegan butter and some honey on my toast( please do try this, it will surely blow you )or occasionally Avocado on toast.

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