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5 Quick Recipes that ACTUALLY helped me Lose Weight!

Lazy Beginner Food Recipes that ACTUALLy work and helped me lose weight♡ Thanks to Noom for sponsoring a portion of this video, check them out here …

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  1. DO NOT USE XYLITOL TO SWEETEN. I REPEAT, DO NOT USE XYLITOL. Xylitol is a laxative and WILL give you explosive diarrhea. It is used as a sweetner in gum here in Finland but it’s recommended to only eat a piece or two after every meal. Using xylitol in foods that you will actually swallow is a really risky game

  2. Just to let you guys know she said 1/4 cup which is correct but accidentally wrote 1 cup! Just make sure you do the correct measurements ❤️????

  3. You need some protein in the first one because it’s just Plain carbs and sugar fats no nutritional value at all your just eating sugar and carbs that’s it. Basically just starving yourself tbh

  4. Thank you for clarifying in your before and after photos that you lost weight with fat but also gained weight with muscle. So many people forget that weight gain is part of getting stronger!

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