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5 Organic, Delicious and Healthy Dessert Recipes for the Holiday Season… GUILT-FREE! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too ____ Superfood …

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  1. Since you are so into super foods. When do you plan on talking about [[[ Moringa = The Tree of Life ?????? ]]]] I’ve been taking it daily it’s better then anything else in this life. FYI

  2. Hey drew, I'm starting to look for a better lifestyle but all I could afford is your green juice, red juice and gold juice. I'm 23 yrs old still not having a job I will in next year or this year. My problem is that I'm diagnosed with gerd, and pericarditis also have psoriasis. I need help from you because your teaching is always bringing me comfort because of big pharma medicine that's just killing me and I'm sick and tired of it. Also lastly I want to know if you can help me with this pericarditis pain that I have to deal with because now just lifting stuff hurts my front shoulders and still now still is.

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