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  1. Hi maddy i tried the pasta dish…..too watery and no flavor…i think of i just stuck to the soup milk and maybe used coconut cream instead it would have been better…..

  2. I eat my garlic like that all the time I love it! But you should add the salt to the pasta to water or the sauce in this case just before the pasta so it gets absorbed by it and has more flavour;)

  3. Tip for peeps in the comments section: sometimes I can't even be bothered to cut an onion or mince some fresh garlic. BEST NEWS EVER: onion powder and garlic powder. I know it's not quite the same, but when you don't have time cuz you're a full time student or full time worker, it's a lifesaver. just fyi 🙂 And as always, Madeleine, I LOVE your videos!!! <3

  4. Wow! I almost never see a video and think „All of these look amazing!“, but your videos do that ???????? Guess i dont really have to make a meal plan anymore for this week ???????? Except for the wrap pizza cause i have had a lot of wraps and pizza lately.

  5. Using the food processor is my favourite cooking hack ever! It’s so quick and easy plus you only need to rinse it afterwards, I tend to chop my onion and garlic by hand and then put the less strong scented veg in the food processor so I can just wipe it out with a tea towel afterwards.

  6. I learned so much from your video, 1. I am a lazy vegan, in my defence though my hubby isn’t vegan so I have to cook 2 different meals. 2. I’m not eating enough, it was really helpful to see the portion sizes. 3. I’m totally going to try all this of these. Ps I already make the pizzas and they are soooooo yum tfs!

  7. That 1 pot pasta looks great for any day of the week! Thanks for sharing. So hard to eat healthy when feeling lazy. Definitely going to give it a shot

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