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5 Minute Vegan Desserts You Can Make in the Microwave

Today we’re making a Vegan Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Roll, and Apple Crumble…in the microwave! ✗ My NEW 60+ Recipe Ebook …

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  1. This all looks so good!
    I want to try them all, but I have a (pea)nut and almond allergy. :/
    Is there anything I can replace the nut butter with?

    Compliments on your awesome video's btw!
    They are making my Veganuary experience so much fun. 😀

  2. There has been 2 vegan whipped cream brands that i have bought
    (Soy whip and after Silk) I wasnt even able to try them because the nozzles suck… My family always buy the dairy ones.. And they work perfectly… It gets me really frustrated because they are not cheap… And it looks boomb on recipes..yes i do read the instructions… HOW DO YALL DO IT !!!! 😭

  3. Your recipes here are vegan but they're not healthy.Agave syrup is fructose and I hav it on good athority that fructose is a good (or better) for feeding cancer ce;lls in your body that regular sugar.Also maple syrup is just ANOTHER type of sugar that feeds cancer cells in your body.For more information please Google: glucose hungry cancer cells Brian Cox.Also please Google:Otto Warrburg New York Times Magazine. Your best bet if you want to replace sugar in your diet is to replace it with sucralose and/or stevia with erythritol.Sucralose tastes just like real sugar when it's mixed into food.So does stevia with erythitol.I got off of sugar more than seven years ago by replacing real sugar(s) in my diet with sucralose and/or stevia with erythritol.When you buy stevia always read the ingredient list to make sure it has erythritol added to it because stevia without erythritol isn't sweet.

  4. I made the cinnamon one! I added some almond into it too. Its soooooo good. And for the sauce I used my liquid sweetener, cinnamon, and applesauce. Its so yummy!

  5. OH MY GOOODDDDD!!!! I JUST MADE THE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE AND LET ME TELL YOU IT TASTE AMAZING!!! Yum I’m going to eat this a lot often and it’s Healthy!!!

    Thank you 🙏🏼

  6. I appreciate this video SO much!! I have kind of an unhealthy obsession with cinnamon rolls, but I can't eat the ones you get at the bakery in the grocery store. SO many processed ingredients, chemicals, and added sugar, it will make me very very sick. Love the taste, can't handle the ingredients, you know? Besides, I can't go through a tray of rolls on my own!! LOL Being able to make one or two here with ingredients I can actually control- kind of a dream come true. SO THANK YOUUUUU <3 <3 <3

  7. 👍Nice demo. Thanks 💞
    💡☝️I used a couple of tablespoons of regular gluten free vegan box cake mix, some melted coconut oil (or olive oil or vegan butter or whatever you want), teaspoon of ground flaxseeds and added a couple of tablespoons of water (enough to make it cake batter texture). I sprayed the mug or small glass dish with organic coconut non stick spray. Microwave for 1:151:30 secs. I even used the same measurements of the same box cake batter and cooked it in tiny skillet with a lid on it on the stove top because I didn’t want to turn on the big hot oven for such a small single serve cake/cookie. 😁
    Note: just melt some choc chips to put on top of the cake/cookie because if you put them in the batter they just sink to the bottom. 💞

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