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5 healthy no sugar sweet recipes | diabetic recipes | बिना शक्कर के मिठाई | sugarless diet desserts

energy bar recipe: date cake recipe: …

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  1. Dear Sir, we tried to make Energy Bar following your recipe. It didn't solidified even after keeping overnight in Refrigerator. We didn't discard the water in which they were soaked, and blended with water, and secondly we didn't have Coconut while preparation of the bar.
    Could these be the reason why the bar didn't solidify ?
    Thanks for your guidance. I am diabetic and need to improve upon getting the dish perfect for my sweet cravings.

  2. I really like ur effort to bring the recipes that are quick & most healthy… By going through the comment section I understood that so many people came up against the consumption of honey as well as dates.. No one is going to eat whole cake as snack .I mean one piece of cake even is nt all harm for diabetic patients..This recipes are really helpful to increase the blood flow compared to other bakery items… Tks hebars kitchen for the wonderful recipe s n vl try all the recipes n cmmnt once done..

  3. These products are good for hikers, campers, travelers and those of us that don’t need to worry about sugar and prefer their sweets to hv nutritional value.

  4. It’s been said before by dates are very high in sugar; not granulated added sugar but one’s blood sugar would definitely spike! Milk has sugar too.

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