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5 Healthy Jowar Recipes For Weight Loss – Millet Recipes | Skinny Recipes

5 healthy jowar recipes for weight loss, millets for weight loss ——————————– My favourite kitchen equipments …

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  1. I have purchased a cast iron tawa and made masala Jowar roti the way you have shown. It came out so yummy, tasty and sweet due to grated carrots. Indeed cast iron Tawas make a dish or roti far tastier than a normal non stick pan.

  2. Really liv to see your recipe and really I keep on trying one by one most comes wid gud results but some not as good as yours but still I keep on trying one day it wit be possible to make like u
    Dis jawar roti i tried but result was it was hard is it becomes hard or some mistake on my preparation pls reply Will be thankful

  3. One technique some people.use is to keep the edge from breaking is using the left hand set vertically to both manage round edges and mend broken edges.

    Second technique is when you roll jowar rotis with jowar flour they place the powdered side up, and apply water either with fingers or with a wet cloth. The dry flour gets absorbed that way you won't get burnt flour on the pan and the Roti's are clean.

    Thanks for the nice recipes.

  4. I love this channel… everytime you will come up with yummy and healthy recepies… I am vegan plz make more videos for vegan also…thanks in advance… also plz make some recepies for kids to increase weight

  5. I find Jowar terribly constipating. Any solution by adding something that reduces this. I've made jowar in many different ways, including soaking and fermenting overnight doesn't make any difference. Also online or packed jowar atta doesn't take very good nor do the rotis come out properly. Freshly ground jowar atta tastes better and the rotis are easier to make.

  6. you saved me from giving up on making roti. I used to just buy pack of roti from Indian stores. IAM very bad at making roti. your wet towel idea saved me. it's so easy now. thank you so much.

  7. Your recepie is all good and healthy. I have following doubts, what these items are called in tamil:-
    1-Is jowar and corn same ?
    2-What is quinoa called in tamil ?
    3-What us Cylon dalchini ?
    I am from Tamilanadu staying in UP.
    Watching your vedios ?
    I and my husband both are health conscious.

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