5 Healthy & Delicious Dessert Bars

Try making one of these dessert bars if you want a healthier version of something sweet! Subscribe to Goodful: About Goodful: Feel better …

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  1. I love the recipes but fun new trick, if you use the same song on repeat, edit it so it doesn't end, like in this one it claps at the end.

    Editing it together would make it feel like background noise rather than the focus, having it end makes you focus and makes it tedious and can get slightly annoying. Just a tip.

  2. Has anyone ever noticed that Tasty absolutely despises melting chocolate on the stove? Like they almost always use a fat to break it down instead.

  3. These aren't really that healthy. Coconut oil is really bad for you and most of these recipes are just filled with it. Yeah it's "healthier" than most typical desserts but it's healthy in a different way. like if you trying to eat "healthier" but you still want to eat key lime pie then it depends on what "healthy" means to you. but a lot of them have a serious amount of coconut oil in them and that's really bad for you

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