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5 Budget-Friendly Vegan Breakfast Ideas for Under $1

Here are 5 easy vegan breakfast recipes that you can make on a budget! Each serving costs less than $1 USD to make, but don’t let the low price make you think …

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  1. I truly admire this video. Although I think have the measurements in your videos would be helpful. I know you have a website where you provide your measurements, but your website provider is a little clunky. You have great content and your website would be A1 if it wasn’t clunky. All in all I admire what you’re doing & all is vegans appreciate you!

  2. Guys if you want to cook oil free and don't have an air fryer yet, do yourself a huge favor. They are inexpensive and you'll save yourself time and alot of frustration.

  3. I have a vegan breakfast every day ( I’m not vegan, but I prefer a vegan breakfast ) I make like a version of a bean buddha bowl – sainsburys supermarket in the U.K. do a mixed bean salad in a tin, so I mix it up with chia seeds, hemp hearts, sesame seeds, quinoa and a teeny vegan cream cheese and I crunch up vegetable tortilla chips on top. My go to breakfast cuz I love a savoury breakfast 🙂

  4. Hi Caitlin. I have 2 cousins who get seriously ill every time they eat bananas, no matter how ripe they are. Do you know why this might be and if there's any way to remedy this?

  5. That dish she calls PB Banana Sushi, the tortillas broke because she didn't heat them up before using the tortillas. Even if you did heat them up before rolling them they wouldn't stay rolled up unless you fry them in oil. If the tortillas were made from flour then they would stay rolled up, without being heated up.

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