4 Simple & Healthy Desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Custom Keto Diet
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  1. Tattoos don’t hurt as much depending on where you get them? I think piercings are harder to heal;-; however I got my sternum tatted, that’s shid HURTED. Coming from a very pain tolerant human.

  2. I love how you found a great way to incorporate sweets while still being healthy! I'm a firm believer in balance. Such a great inspiration for content my channel as well. You're my spirit animal!

  3. I'd say a tattoo hurts more in the moment, but many piercings hurt more to heal. However, getting my ears pierced is such low pain that I can do it myself. Girl, you got two sleeves and a massive back piece, how does a lil earring get you 😂

  4. I have quite a few tattoos and even have my ears stretched, but the pain from my second ear piercing hurt SO BAD, I felt like a baby and now I always say the only thing I will touch is my ears! Lol 😂

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