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4 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas/Recipes

Hope you guys are enjoying these 4 quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas/recipes. You’ll see me making avocado toast, french toast, oatmeal, and an açaí …

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  1. I love your account ❤️❤️ Your videos are short, the food you make looks so good and delicious with a good amount. You're promoting a very healthy lifestyle ❤️❤️ and to be honest, your body is goals

  2. You say you talk about food so much butttt that’s why I love your channel! So many other fitness channels are just workout videos, but fitness starts with the kitchen. So keep doing what you’re doing, please 😍

  3. you should totally make a lunch or dinner ideas video, it will help me a lot and also it will help what to cook because i run out of ideas and really need for help

  4. Daves killer bread is not good. I am so sad by what I learned because I too loved it.
    Try leaving it out for several weeks. While most bread will mold Dave’s will not! OMG 😮

  5. For acai bowls, you can mix in whatever you like. I personally LOVE adding peanut butter in the mix and berries. a lil coconut and cacoa and sliced almonds with some fresh strawberries on top, and it's a winner.

  6. i personally loooooove your food videos! it's so helpful for those of us who can't think of new healthy recipes. also, your abs are literally fire, cant wait for more videos!!

  7. Highly effective video recording! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to discover this type of contents. We make Travel & Food videos too, throughout the planet, so we are continually searching for inspirations and also approaches. Thank You.

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