4 Healthy Cookies For Weight Loss | Easy Cookie Recipes

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  1. Made the peanut butter one
    With some modification :—
    2-3 cubes of Sugerfree Dark Chocolate
    1tsp of vanilla essence
    A pinch of cinnamon
    And 1tsp flax seeds

    Trust me it was amazing and healthy of course 👍🏻
    Will make it when I have occasional sweet cravings

  2. I made the banana ones today but with cinnamon, no applesauce. They are delish from the oven and taste like banana bread after cooled, win win. They all look great!

  3. I made one with one egg, one walnut Chinese cookie(crushed), milk (less than a cup), and im waiting for the oven to preheat, hopefully then don't burn

  4. Hi there! Amazing and easy cookies for sure.. I was wondering if there is something i can use instead of egg and egg whites? Ive tried the peanut butter ones and almonds ones already. Thanks

  5. Here's a tip for weight loss, don't eat anything remotely sweet, even fruit! It will make you hungrier and make you crave more so losing weight will be sooo much harder! Eat more healthy fats and protein and load up on vegetables, then gradually try to go longer between meals till you are down to only eating twice a day, no snacking!

  6. Thank you, TheSeriousfitness! The best part of your presentation is that you spell out each recipe with all ingredients and the complete instructions as well as your video presentation. I can easily copy each recipe and document it for future use. Not like most of the videos which get me to watch 5 -10 minutes without spelling out the ingredients in a text format. I really appreciate your written text. Excellent! Thank you very much.

  7. I made peanut butter and banana cookies today. I ground the oat. it's delicious. so I ate them all (6) which made me so full that I skipped dinner. 🤪

  8. Another really easy breakfast cookie is: 2 bananas mashed, 1-1/3 cups oats, a drizzle of maple syrup or honey, then add a cup or so of chocolate chips or raisins or blueberries, whatever you want. Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes

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