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4 EASY Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – Perfect for Beginners

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  1. I noticing she says 25 minutes cooking time in the video, but 10 in the written directions. I found out 25 is too much. I'll try 10 min next time.

  2. Do you have any recipes for frozen chicken that's already cooked? Or videos on how to throw things together like that? Chicken and rice if chicken is cooked, basic tips in instapot

  3. Congratulación, u Six Sister are awesome, I am dummmmmm in the kitchen , since I got this instant pot I fallow all of you guys; thanks for ur help
    Here it is my email for the notifications.

  4. Ok I’m so sad!!!! I tried to make the chicken and rice meal in here with beans and red sauce etc. this is the third time I tried to make one of your meals and my instant pot has said “burn” 🙁 and the whole meal has been ruined 🙁 the last time I did it I didn’t hear you say if the pressure should be high or low…I have to choose on mine? And so I just let it default to low…I went back and watched the video again and I noticed yours said high? It was ruined 🙁 made me so sad….can you help?

  5. Chicken Chili,,,I know I'm over a year late to the dance, but what size can of chicken broth did you use. The other ingredients were show in plain view

  6. Idiot question here…. Can i buy store bought boneless skinless chicken breasts and just pop them in there or do i need to cut or wash anything?

  7. What size is the ranch packet? I try to freeze it but it’s unclear. I have a big bottle of the ranch mix but unsure how much to use since you’re very unclear on the packet size.

  8. Well be careful of Annie because she says she loves everyone and talks behind their backs… she told me i was like family for months and now because of top mods/aka fupas lies about a close friend of mine we were kicked out of discord.

  9. I’ve been using a slow cooker for 20 years. Cooking defrosted chicken breasts in slow cooker for 8 hours on low will absolutely dry them out. 4-5 hours is max no matter what brand pot you own. Also, chicken breasts in IP should take 8-10 minutes.
    Am I the only one with different cook times??

  10. Well I jumped into the Chicken Chili one. So didnt have "Ranch Dressing Mix" or the cream cheese…
    So as I'm well known for I Mcguyer'ed it.
    Instead of the ranch mix, I used Knorr Consamatie and 2 tblspn corn starch along with CAVENDERS…. umm 🤔 dont have cream cheese… but do have Honduran Sour Cream and RAGU cheese spread… and…
    So yeah I got this one .

  11. Just tried the cream cheese chili recipe. It was delicious! Didn't have black beans so used pinto instead. Next time I'll skip the water. Everyone had seconds. Thanks for the recipe.

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