4 Desserts To Make With Ripe Bananas

Full Recipes: Here is what you’ll need! BANANA FRITTERS Servings: 4-8 INGREDIENTS 2 …

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  1. word of caution. if your bananas are ripe, you dont wanna bake them. the taste changes horribly… want over-ripe, almost rotten bananas for baking.

  2. this is such an old video but i only watched it yesterday. i decided to make the brownies. this was my first time baking anything in my life. also, i didn’t have some of the ingredients so i substituted them. used margarine instead of butter, cake flour instead of regular flour. BUT IT STILL TASTED SO SO SO GOOD! my mom said it was perfect. she loved it so much according to her “she can’t stop eating them”. so wroth the try! 💛

  3. I desperately need help. I have (over)ripe banana's that are going to be squishy and gross any day now. Usually, I make banana bread, but it's been swelteringly hot for a week now.
    Does anyone have any no bake banana recipes??

  4. lol you guys are really scared of ripe bananas… i have a great idea!! why don't you just..

    EAT THEM?!
    :O oMg WoW!!!
    seriously though i'd only use them if they were like super bruised or brown, those look perfect to eat.

  5. Peanut Butter Banana Brownies 1:59
    2 ribe bananas
    1 cup sugar
    1/2 cup melted butter (keep 1tbsp apart though)
    1 tsp vanilla
    3/4 cup flour
    1/8 tsp salt
    1/4 cup cocoa powder (keep 1tbsp apart though)
    Brush pan with the 1tbsp butter and then dust with the cocoa powder
    Pour the batter in the pan.
    Ice cream scoop a total of 1/2 cup peanut butter onto the batter.
    Blend it with a thingy. (😂)
    Bake 350F/180C for 25-30 minutes

  6. For the peanut butter and banana brownies, can I use oil instead of butter?

    Edit: I bought butter to be safe, this recipe works with some tweaking, I had to turn up to 200c and for about 45mins for it to be throughly cooked.

  7. Ok but the peanut butter banana brownie thingy tastes funny; I couldn’t get myself to chew it enough to swallow it because of how it tasted. May be because I skipped the peanut butter with chocolate chips?

  8. Saw this this morning and had all the ingredients except for the powdered sugar. Went out immediately to the corner store to get the sugar. Got back and followed the instructions..
    Omfg!!!!! Came out perfectly!!!!!!👍👍🏾😋😋😋. Cant wait to do these for my girl and whenever I have dinner guest. Super delicious and light. Not overly sweet and a delicate Banana taste. When I open my restaurant in the future.., these will be on the dessert menu. Thank You, for posting!!!!!

  9. Looks yummy but no point in giving the nutritional value of bananas while adding sugar and white flour to the recipes. Anything nutritional is pretty much useless with all those added ingredients.

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